The Need For CCTV and Site Security

cctv cameras on a construction site

CCTV and the Construction Site

Expensive machinery and materials, with often no one living nearby, construction sites can be a prime target for criminals. Make sure that your site achieves the highest possible protection by opting for a collaborative system between security services and the emergency services or clients and installers.

The obvious presence of well-positioned security cameras on a site can work as a deterrent in the first instance; but should the criminal decide it is worth the risk – that is when the intelligent security system proves its worth.

Incident One

A construction site in central London: a break in by a lone intruder was thwarted with the help of a successful collaboration between security services and the police. CCTV cameras and intruder alarms had been fitted to the site.

Images were taken of:

  • The moment before the alarm was raised
  • During the alarm
  • After the alarm

This allowed the CCTV camera operators enough coverage to identify the intruder on site, if the only image available had been during the alarm – the intruder would not have been visible. The intruder had accessed the site over a perimeter fence.

The operator then issued a warning to the intruder and requested that he promptly leave the site. Despite this, the intruder continued and gained access to the building – causing another alarm to be triggered, and the police were called immediately.

Result = because the security services had swiftly confirmed a burglary was taking place and provided images of the intruder – the police prioritised the incident and were able to make an arrest within 12 minutes of the security services receiving the first alarm.

Speed:A quick response is essential, any delay with informing the police and the intruder could have got away with his haul of metal. Confirmation of only one intruder had also allowed the police to focus their search on him and not waste time releasing the dog patrol to search for accomplices.

Incident Two

A Comprehensive Security System:

  • A security fence acts as either a deterrent or a delay to an intruder
  • A well-lit site means that security system operators and police are able to easily spot and monitor the intruder’s movements
  • A well-installed and maintained CCTV system allows the security system operator to build up a comprehensive account of the intruder’s progress around the site
  • 24/7 remote monitoring of CCTV cameras means that the operator can deal quickly with the incident and pass the information on to nearby police

A construction site, Christmas Day: around midnight security services were alerted to two intruders with a torch, walking around a restricted site. The site was well-lit, and they were clearly seen on the CCTV cameras scaling the security fence and entering the site. Well-installed CCTV cameras allowed operators to monitor their actions, then call the police when it was clear that a crime was being committed.

Result = Police were onsite within 13 minutes of the first sighting and arrested the two intruders.

The Importance of Quality CCTV:

Collecting quality close-up evidence of a crime being committed is vital in the conviction of the criminal. Those who rely heavily on security guards patrolling their site, run the risk of not collecting enough evidence for the courts to convict the individual. A comprehensive security system is essential for both the prevention of crime and the conviction of the criminal.

With around 6000 break-ins to construction sites per year, at a cost of £800 million through theft of goods – it is vital that we fight back, by making it as difficult as possible for the criminal to leave our site with the goods. CCTV is fundamental to this prevention.

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