Timber Frame Temporary Fire Alarm Systems

fire extinguishers and fire alarm

Fire Evacuation Systems

We provide self contained wireless fire evacuation systems - ideal for the protection of onsite staff.

  • Wireless Call Points
  • wireless Sounders
  • Wireless Smoke Detectors

The system is operated by combining a wireless fire alarm and monitored cctv package, thus your site could benefit from protection against both fire and theft. Up until 2012, most fire authorities would have responded to stand-alone fire alarms, however due to an increase in false alarms, most authorities now only respond to confirmed fires - confirmed by either someone onsite or remotely via a CCTV system.

Installing a combined fire and cctv package, your site could benefit from both :-

Combine an evacuation system with one of our monitored CCTV packages - for out of hours fire brigade response.

  • Out of hours fire protection in the form of fire brigade response.
  • Out of hours site protection against theft - with police response.

Our Temporary systems are ideal for the protection of Timber Framed Buildings.

  • Fully wireless heat detectors/sounders, easily attached to any timber joint.
  • Long range/long battery life.

How It Works

timber frame building fire alarms

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