Carefully implemented site security systems

cctv camera in a building site

Construction Site CCTV Security Equipment

We will protect your construction site from intruders with enough cameras and outside motion detectors to cover the main gate, site accommodation, fuel bowser, plant equipment etc. The majority of the time, just having the site of the cameras being there will be a deterrent enough for any would be intruders or thieves. A deterent is always the easiest and best option when securing your premises.

The cameras are always running during the day, available to be watched remotely and at all times recording what is happening on-site. The outside detectors come on automatically when the site closes and if someone walks onto the site and passes one of the detectors, an email is automatically sent to the monitoring station with live cctv footage of the incident.

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fire extinguishers and fire alarm

Fire Evacuation and Safety Systems

We provide self contained wireless fire evacuation systems - ideal for the protection of onsite staff. The system is operated by combining a wireless fire alarm and monitored cctv package, thus your site could benefit from protection against both fire and theft.

  • Wireless Call Points
  • wireless Sounders
  • Wireless Smoke Detectors

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fingerprint reading services

Fingerscan Security Entry Control

Construction site access control systems helps restrict the movement of people around a site in a cost-effective manner, offering a solid and reliable fingerprint reading every time and also works well even in the most demanding environments.

Ideal for:

  • Construction Sites
  • Temporary Events

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